The Marine Project

The first ever blockchain initiative to solve the ever demanding frieght, logistics and supply chain.

Enhanced Transparency

Documenting a product's journey across the maritime ecosystem by revealing its true origin and touchpoints, which increases trust and helps eliminate the bias found today.

Greater Scalability

Virtually any number of participants accessing from any location can be serviced at the same time without delay.

Better Security

A shared indelible ledger with codified rules could potentially eliminate the audits required by internal systems and process.

Increased Innovation

Opportunities abound to create new, specialized uses for the technology as a result of the decentralized architecture.


In earlier days, maritime activities takes months with lot of risks embedded but today it has improved with technology. The future holds a better experience and that's why we want to create the future with blockchain which will tackle the challenges faced.

Distribution & Logistics data

Evolving Maritime Ecosystem

The first telephone was useless until the second one arrived. In time the phone spread all over the world and now we can't do without it.

The situation is similar for blockchain and companies that want to do business with specific partners. Those partners will need to buy into blockchain as well.

High Complexity

High Complexity

In shipping, it's usual for parties to come across situations where they can only solve through a commercial approach. This will not be easy as transactions are taking place through a sealed system which does not allow any interference from the parties.

It's usual for parties involved in a transaction to have their own contractual terms which are usually subjected to negotiation of the parties.

Contractual Terms

Special Contractual Terms

The contractual terms of the ship chartering, sale and purchase of commodities are unique and very specific. This term is proposed to be adapted by the blockchain network which should be able to recognize, for example, what the lien is and how it works, the lay time and demurrage and their exceptions, the notice of readiness and when the vessel is actually considered arrived at the port.

The Marine API

Here's our approach...

Asset recording as they move between maritime operation module nodes.

  • Recording the quantity of assets.
  • Determining the transfer of assets.
  • Pallets, trailers, container are captured.

Receipt and Order Management

  • Tracking purchase orders, change orders and receipt.
  • Shipment notifications
  • Manage trade-related documents.

Certificate Verification and Asset Classification

  • Product properties classification.
  • Verification of products.
  • Determination of organic food product from fair trade.

The Team

The Marine Team is a focused, energetic, committed group of Developers, Business Managers and brilliant Blockchain Enthusiast. Our prime aim is to simplify the complexities of data scalability in the maritime chain of operations.


Suraj G. (Team Leader)

A vibrant and renowned Blockchain Analyst, with over 7 years experience in Computer Hardware and Information Technology. He also served as Advisor to various Blockchain based projects.


Vitaly K.

Vitaly's key interests are IT Startups, Fintech, Trading, Portfolio Management, Blockchain Technology, Crypto Assets.
CEO at


Ivan M.

Ivan has vast influence in the blockchain Industry with years of experience in Blockchain ventures and Advisory role in various Blockchain projects.


Daniel A.

A field expert in the maritime sector with outstanding educational achievements in the UK and India. He has worked with top shipping companies in the Oil and Gas Industry and also received high recommendations.


Timothy A.

A Blockchain Strategist, Fintech Innovator, Graphics Designer and IBM Certified Blockchain Initiative Developer with a Bachelor of Engineering.


Nivetitha S.

An Experienced Business Development Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Technology focused in Information Technology from Anna University.


Fabian I.

Community Manager

Token Specification

Contract Address: 0x6f2deef18421ba39065223b23ef38666b3052a46
Ticker: MRN
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

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We designed our roadmap in accordance with projected time frame to accomplish every milestone. This is to ensure that the marine project become successful and fulfill its goals.

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